Help & F.A.Q.

Questions and Answers

What activities can I do to earn points?

Points are earned for shopping and interacting with Zumiez in stores, online, at events, at your local skate park or mountain, and on social media accounts. Follow and talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare; sign up for and read our email updates,; visit our stores and events; participate in activities in your community – the list is long! 

See Activities List for more information.

What are my Redeemable and Lifetime Points?

Your Redeemable Points are the number of points you have available right now to redeem rewards. This number increases or decreases as you get points and redeem rewards. 

Is it possible for me to lose points?

If you remove information from your profile that you earned points for entering (phone number, social networks, etc), the points will be removed until you add them again. 

Pending points will be adjusted for all returns and exchanges.

Can resellers get points or Rewards?

Resellers of merchandise are not eligible for membership in The Zumiez Stash. We reserve the right to review account activity for purchase patterns that match that of customers who re-sell product. If we suspect that an account holder is acting as a reseller of our merchandise then the points acquired in that account will be forfeited, at our sole discretion, and the account may be suspended or terminated.

Can I transfer my points to another member?

No, you cannot transfer (or sell) points. Any accounts suspected of this will lead to forfeiture of acquired points and possible suspension or termination of the account(s). This includes logging receipts of purchases made by others into your account.

What e-mails can I interact with for points?

Some of the e-mail received from Zumiez are automated based on engagement and on-site behavior. We do this to make your online experience more personal and enjoyable. The Zumiez Stash will not award points for e-mail about products you've shown specific interest in (behavioral) or products that you've purchased from us (transactional). These e-mails are transactional in nature and The Zumiez Stash will not award points for opening or clicking them.